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The band OK Go is known for creating some insanely creative music videos. They’ve mastered the “single take”, where the entire video is one continuous shot. And the band has used synchronized treadmills and enormous Rube Goldberg machines for their videos in the past. But this one might take the cake for their most creative music video yet. The video sees the band members riding around on self-balancing Uni-Cub unicycle from Honda, starting off inside before going into a massive courtyard. They’re followed by a “multi-copter camera”, essentially a camera set up on a drone, when the band meets up with a crowd of people holding colored umbrellas. There are no words to describe what happens next – you really just need to watch. According to Billboard, it took director Morihiro Harano over fifty attempts before getting the perfect five minutes and twenty seconds of video. It was filmed in an abandoned warehouse in Chiba, Japan, outside of Tokyo.