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Skill #1: Be a Millionaire Today (By Visualizing It
Already Happening)

Becoming a millionaire is about focusing on what you want, and
bombarding each negative thought (“I’m going to be broke forever,” or
“I’ll never get ahead”) into thoughts of believing and accepting that what
you want is already coming true.
Turnaround statements transform your attitude of lack into one of wealth.
It is the first step to completely alternating your income, your paycheck
and your bank account balance.

Skill #2: Delegate and Leverage Your Time

I know so many people with such skill, talent and work ethic that waste
their time NOT achieving true abundance…they contemplate and fixate
on why they aren’t making more.
They wonder why they aren’t further ahead in their financial goals and
The answer lies right under their nose.
They are literally wasting time and money that could become available
to them because they are doing mindless tasks that distract them from
10 The Skill of Money Magnetism
making money.
Millionaire don’t doddle.
They take action, by always having a to-do list ready to go.
They come to work full steam on Monday morning, and ready to delegate
the less important responsibilities to their staff, or outsource virtually.
Get really, really good at leveraging your work to people you trust.

Skill #3: Seek Out Advice From Other Millionaires

That’s one of the many things I learned from millionaires before I became
I wasn’t going to ever be able to get out of debt (at my lowest point I was
homeless, with $80,000 in the hole) if I kept talking to those in my life
who were in a similar situation in their life.
It’s like they say, “Never take relationship advice from a single person.”
If you want to become a millionaire, you need to think like a millionaire.
But, in order to think like a millionaire, you have to realize that how “they”
think is completely different from how you think.
They never, EVER think it terms of lack.
Nothing is impossible. Rather, everything is a possibility.
I know people who have had zero access to millionaires and they begin
reading books written by millionaires just to start the process.

60 second quiz: Do you have the brain of a millionaire?

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Skill #4: Work Smarter, Not Harder

‘Working like a dog’ is one fool proof method to continue the trend…of
struggling with money!
While you do have to work hard (as all millionaires do, and have done to
become a millionaire) you don’t have to struggle to get there.
However, you do have to come up with a strategy for stopping the struggle
(through leveraging your time, and others discussed in this chapter) in
order to break through to a whole new level of wealth.
Millionaires know that you don’t have to work harder to make more
money. You just have to work smarter.

Skill #5: Avoid Procrastination At All Costs!

This may be one of the more challenging habits to break, but once you
do, you’ll find that you will get more done in less time, which leads to
more money more quickly than you ever thought possible!
Procrastination comes into play when you have so many tasks to do,
take care of and eliminate from your growing to-do list, that you become
And, as a result of having so much to do, you do nothing at all.

Skill #6: Apply a Win/Win Attitude Every Single Day

The win/win approach is thinking about increasing your wealth while
helping someone else increase theirs, and it’s the mindset that millionaires
invest in, because they know that in order to continue money flowing into
their life, they have to spread the wealth.
In other words, the more you give, the more you’ll receive in return.
As you work to increase your wealth, think about everyone that helps you
along your path to prosperity.