Robots Falling Down

It’s really impressive to watch a robot do its thing, most of the time. At the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals, robots were put through their paces in a series of obstacle courses. They had to drive, walk over debris, climb stairs, cut through walls, open doors, and close valves in the competition for a $2 million prize. But in the process, a lot of them fell over. Original Article: Business Insider

Friendly Bear Gives These Humans a Wave

YouTube user Samson Lee and Kayleigh (the woman in the video) went to see the waving bears, and “(they) did not disappoint.” When Kayleigh flashes a big, waving hand at the bear, it waves back! Isn’t he friendly?! From what we can gather, these bears are somewhat of a novelty in Washington state. To make this bear even more awesome, it catches a piece of bread Kayleigh throws to him like a boss. Original Article:...