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Beautiful World Landmarks and Scenery!

If you can’t visit or see all the natural and man-made wonders of our modern world, You can, at least, see them through the colorful artistry of photos!

St. Mary’s Altar, Krakow, Poland

Corsica, France

Queen Victoria Clock in Chester, England

Waves crashing Cornish coastline Feb 1, 2014!


Secluded beach Amalfi Coast, Italy

River Seine, Paris

Milan, zodiac sundial, 1768 created by the Accademia di Brera – Summer solstice the rays strike the bronze on the floor and for Winter solstice it stretches to the meridian.

Assos, Kefalonia Island, Greece

Millau Viaduct, France

Switchback Mountain, Tianman Hwy, China

Lighthouse in Sunderland, England

Gate opening to Lake Como, Northern Italy

Medieval village, Perouges France

Astronomical clock, Prague, Czech Republic

St. Petersburg, Russia up close

Preachers Rock, Norway

Sheeps Highway, Ireland

Dorset, England

Turquoise River, BC, Canada

Vinhedos do Douro, Portugal

Artic Cathedral, Norway

Peles Castle, Romania

Underwater Roller Coaster in Japan

Victoria Falls, Africa


The Kremlin, Russia

Micheldever Wood, Hampshire, England

Rocky village, Liguria, Italy

Basque, Spain

Balls Pyramid off the Eastern coast of Australia

Massive Vietnam cave discovered in 2009

Lightening on Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

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