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What is Stressbuster1?

A website designed to distract you (and me) from the everyday junk that causes stress. It’s been said that humor can be a powerful stress deterrent. My aim is to let the humor and fun in my site’s content bring you relief from your stress. (I’m no psychologist but I hope I make you laugh!)

What is the content you mentioned?

Funny and Fun: cartoons, jokes, videos, games, pictures, creative pages, fun feeds and surprises. AND NOW COOL STRESSBUSTER1 PRODUCTS

Who owns Stressbuster1?

Jim Andrew. Former New Yorker, current Floridian, artist, web designer, CAD drafter, cartoonist, stress-buster, world traveler (someday).

When was Stressbuster1 started?

July7, 1999.

Where did you get the idea to start Stressbuster1, Jim?

One day, a friend sent me an email with a cartoon form another website and wrote, “View this cartoon when you feel stressed out.” This gave me the idea to start a website that people could go to when they are feeling stressed.

Why Stressbuster1 and not just plain Stressbuster? was already taken. Hence, the 1 was used to fix the problem and kinda make us unique.

Who designed the Stressbuster1 website, Jim?


Can I send you suggestions for cartoons, jokes, etc., for Stressbuster1, Jim?

You sure can. They are welcome, but please remember that this website steers clear of anything that is not family friendly (i.e.: nudity, extreme sexual references, ethnic group bashing, extreme foul language, and racial slurs).

See the above ‘Contact’ link to send me suggestions.

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