Six Skills of Money Magnetism

Skill #1: Be a Millionaire Today (By Visualizing It Already Happening) Becoming a millionaire is about focusing on what you want, and bombarding each negative thought (“I’m going to be broke forever,” or “I’ll never get ahead”) into thoughts of believing and accepting that what you want is already coming true. Turnaround statements transform your attitude of lack into one of wealth. It is the first step to completely alternating your income, your paycheck and your bank account balance. Skill #2: Delegate and Leverage Your Time I know so many people with such skill, talent and work ethic that waste their time NOT achieving true abundance…they contemplate and fixate on why they aren’t making more. They wonder why they aren’t further ahead in their financial goals and dreams. The answer lies right under their nose. They are literally wasting time and money that could become available to them because they are doing mindless tasks that distract them from 10 The Skill of Money Magnetism making money. Millionaire don’t doddle. They take action, by always having a to-do list ready to go. They come to work full steam on Monday morning, and ready to delegate the less important responsibilities to their staff, or outsource virtually. Get really, really good at leveraging your work to people you trust. Skill #3: Seek Out Advice From Other Millionaires That’s one of the many things I learned from millionaires before I became one. I wasn’t going to ever be able to get out of debt (at my lowest point I was homeless, with $80,000 in the hole) if I kept talking to those in...

Did you know that Ice Cream comes out of a Unicorn’s butt? The best poop of your life!

Seriously though. Does ice cream really come from a Unicorn’s butt? Well seems that video, below, reveals the whole poopy sweet secret! But do unicorn’s really exist? They do if you want them to! So why can’t yummy ice cream come from a unicorn’s butt? Of course it can! Maybe after you watch this delightful video, you’ll become a believer as I did! Where does your ice cream come from? Read more You know who SUCKS at Pooping? Read more The best poop of your...

$1billion ghost city where NOBODY will ever live!

A town in New Mexico is about to join the ranks of these ghost towns, as the builders of the futuristic city have no intention of letting anyone live there. Telecommunications and tech firm Pegasus Global Holdings is planning to build a full-scale American town in the New Mexico desert, a place which they hope to open to researchers developing technologies for modern living. Pegasus plans to spend $1billion creating the 15-square-mile town, called CITE, with construction to begin sometime next year and opening as early as 2018. CITE will include a town big enough for 35,000 people, with a business district downtown surrounded by terraced housing suburbs – but no one will ever live there. Instead, companies will have the opportunity to test such innovations as driverless vehicles and natural disaster-proof homes in a human-free, practically risk-free, environment. ‘The vision is an environment where new products, services and technologies can be demonstrated and tested without disrupting everyday life,’ Pegasus Managing Director Robert Brumley told CNN. Nataly Gattegno, a designer at Future Cities Lab in San Francisco, says the city would help speed up experiments to finalizing a product. ‘It sounds like rapid simulations and evaluations would be possible with CITE, which would allow us to cycle through tests much faster,’ Gattegno said. However, some researchers are more wary about what a person-less city can really say about any invention. ‘Technologies are not merely artifacts, they are social systems intermediated by materials and devices,’ says Professor Steve Rayner, co-director of the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities. ‘The idea of “testing” complex socio-technical systems without the people is...

He’s Invented a Surfing Motorbike and it’s Unbelievable!

DC presents Robbie “Maddo” Maddison’s “Pipe Dream,” giving the world a chance to witness history being made as Maddo rides his dirt bike on the powerful and iconic waves of Tahiti. From his helmet to motocross boots, Maddo was dressed for FMX when he took his dirt bike into the unchartered saltwater terrain of the Pacific Ocean in French...

BMW X6 Magic Paint Job Will Blow Your Mind!

You won’t believe this amazing new innovative car paint technology. Rene Turrek is an amazing graffiti artist and in this clip we get a look at an amazing Hulk masterpiece he painted on a BMW X6. The amazing thing about Turreks painting is it can only be unveiled by pouring hot water on the car! At first sight, this car has regular blue color, but things get fun when hot water is poured over it, and the painting of the legendary Hulk appears all of a sudden! Source: If you can’t get enough of the cool remix song in the video, here it is in its...

This High School Unearthed A Shocking 100-Year-Old Secret

During the autumn months of 1917 — a year in which the first jazz record was released, the Ford Model T ran the roads, and the “Great War” waged on — a classroom in Oklahoma City received new blackboards. Though it’s a rather mundane moment in history, this simple act preserved a sliver of time that would remain undiscovered and undisturbed for one hundred years. Original Article: Little Things When contractors began work on four classrooms of Emerson High School, they knew their remodel would improve education — but they never expected it would impact local history. Looking to upgrade the rooms with new whiteboards and smartboards, the workers had to first remove the outdated chalkboards. But when they began to pull away the old boards, they made a startling discovery… Beneath the current boards rested another set of chalkboards — untouched for nearly 100 years. Protected and totally undisturbed, the century-old writings and drawings looked like they were made just yesterday. Here, a November calendar rolls into December. A turkey marks the celebration of Thanksgiving. A multiplication table gives us a glimpse into the curriculum and methods taught in 1917, techniques perhaps lost in the passage of time. When regarding a wheel of multiplication, Principal Sherry Kishore told The Oklahoman, “I have never seen that technique in my life.” But Oklahoma City school officials aren’t just shocked by what is written, but how it is written. Penmanship like this is clearly a lost art. This board reads, “I give my head, my heart, and my life to my God and One nation indivisible with justice for all.” Within...

Robots Falling Down

It’s really impressive to watch a robot do its thing, most of the time. At the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals, robots were put through their paces in a series of obstacle courses. They had to drive, walk over debris, climb stairs, cut through walls, open doors, and close valves in the competition for a $2 million prize. But in the process, a lot of them fell over. Original Article: Business Insider

Friendly Bear Gives These Humans a Wave

YouTube user Samson Lee and Kayleigh (the woman in the video) went to see the waving bears, and “(they) did not disappoint.” When Kayleigh flashes a big, waving hand at the bear, it waves back! Isn’t he friendly?! From what we can gather, these bears are somewhat of a novelty in Washington state. To make this bear even more awesome, it catches a piece of bread Kayleigh throws to him like a boss. Original Article:...

Dubai abandoned super cars Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mustang and more

Scores of Americans and Europeans made their way to Dubai during the boom years around a decade ago. They made money hand over fist and started living the life and buying up insane cars left and right. For many though, things came crashing down all too quickly. There are laws about going to jail for holding too much debt so many of these same westerners decided to flee and left behind scores of abandoned...

The Big Tree is Gone But Its Legend Lives On

My wife and I visited Big Tree Park in Seminole County, FL, the other day. It was her first visit. I hadn’t been there for years. The last time I was there, The Senator, a 3500 year old pond cyprus tree, was still standing in all its glory. Unfortunately, an arsonist, trying to get high, burned down the tree on January 16, 2012. 3500 years of history gone in a couple of hours! We got to see whats left of The Senator but also Liberty, a 2000 year old pond cypress which stands about 40 feet away form Big Tree, and a clone of the Senator, the Phoenix. I took some photos of our visit. Hope you enjoy them! Lady Liberty Plaque Walkway to The Senator and Lady Liberty Approaching The Senator Neighborhood Wild Chicken The Phoenix The Senator’s Remains About The Pheonix Top of Lady Liberty Extra: The Senator in the Past Big Tree Story Plaque The Senator Story in Signs Lady Liberty Purple Heart...

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